Plan B 4th edition

Put resources into boxes

Plan B is an operating system designed to work in distributed environments where the set of available resources is different at different points in time. Its 4th edition is implemented as a set of user programs to run on top of Plan 9 from Bell Labs.

It's main design guidelines are:

The design owes much to Plan 9 and to Off++. For a description of the system, you may read some of the papers listed in the papers page. You can take a look to a Plan B screenshot and see the code for an example application, the player we use to listen to music within our smart space shown in the screenshot. The player is similar to one implemented for a single machine, but Plan B makes it adapt to device availability and distribute its UI among available screens.

The manual for the system can be read here.

Some demonstrations for the system are available in the LS main page.

This distribution is available under the Plan B license (which is that of Plan 9). If you accept the license, you can download a full tar ball with a set of files that can be unpacked on top of a Plan 9 installation to obtain a Plan B. If you want just the source code, and you accept the license, you can download sources tar ball instead. The file /sys/src/README.PlanB in the CD reports the files changed in Plan B with respect to Plan 9.